Accepted Papers

  • ProVer: an SMT-based framwork for process verification
    Souheib Baarir1,2, Reda Bendraou1, Hakan Metin1 1Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris 6, Paris, France 2LRDE, Kremlin-BicÍtre, France

    This paper is focused on thedynamic output feedback control of sampled-data system with actuator saturationusing quantized measurements. The outputsignals are quantized before they are transmitted to dynamic output-feedback controller. An augmentedsystem is constructed through a closed-loop system, which is a model with an interval time-varying delay and nonlinear items. Using discontinuous Lyapunov function andlinear matrix inequality approach, the criterion of asymptotical stability is obtained; furthermore, on the basis of the above stability condition, we design a dynamic output-feedback controller. Lastly, the effective of the proposed method is proved by a numerical example.