Accepted Papers

  • Certification of Avionics System: Re-Certification and Literature Review
    Albustanji, M. Yousef, Carleton University, Canada

    In this work literature review on certification of safety-critical systems for avionics has been conducted. A focus on re-certification has been given. Description of re-certification problem has been introduced. Product lines approach has been investigated, best practices in certification has been summarized. Simplified case study has been discussed.

  • The Trust Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
    Xiaojun.Wu, Jianbo. Shao and Jiakai. Xiao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

    Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been used in many areas, such as military intelligence, environmental monitoring, industrial control applications, etc., but the sensor nodes are generally deployed in the external area, security issues become particularly important. The secure scheme must be considered in designing the routing protocol. The cryptography and authentication can only defend the external attacks but have no effective ways to protect the network from the internal malicious attacks. Once some nodes are captured, then the attacker can use these nodes for sinkhole attacks, black hole attacks. In this case, normal nodes’ data are absorbed by malicious nodes and cannot reach the base station so that the network delivery rate is low. However, the trust management scheme can efficiently detect this kind of packets dropping attacks caused by malicious nodes or selfish nodes. This paper proposes a trust management scheme in which the trust value consists of the forwarding rate and the residual energy. The trust management program can effectively help the normal node to identify malicious nodes and select a more trustworthy next hop to alleviate the packets dropping attacks of malicious nodes and improve the overall network delivery rate.