Accepted Papers

  • The Benefits of Technology to Anticipate the Students’ Anxiety in their English-Speaking Performance
    Dorsi Desongpa, Monash University, Australia

    This paper discusses about how to anticipate the students’ anxiety while having performance in English speaking assessment. Based on the experiences of English language teaching in Indonesia, the writer believes that the students’ anxiety is very problematic especially when English teachers tend to assess the students’ speaking performance. In order to solve this problem, the writer argues thattechnology can be very beneficial to decrease the anxiety of the students. The study tends to reveal the benefits of technology in assessing the students’ English speaking skill in Indonesia as the students learn English likely to feel shy, nervous, and panic. In addition, this paper also discusses about how technology can meet the assessment principles in the effective ways.

  • The Effects of Information Technology related Curriculum based on Hybrid Style Problem-Based Learning on Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy of Women’s University Students in Korea
    HeeYoung Kim and June-Suh Cho, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea

    The unemployment of university students has been emerging as a significant social issue in South Korea, making it more necessary for students to have the attitude and confidence to explore their future options. This study is to examine whether women’s university students are actively committedto making decisions and having confidence in their career choices when applying Problem-Based Learning(PBL) to the Information Technology Curriculum. For the design of this study, two women’s universities were selected: group A consisted of ‘A University’ studentssubjected to hybrid-style PBL and the group B consisted of ‘B University’ studentssubjected to traditional lectures and practices. A Nonequivalent Control Group Pretest-Posttest Design was utilized to analyze the experimental group and the control group with pretest questionnaires at the beginning of a semester and posttest questionnaires at the end of the semester.

    From the study results it was confirmed that PBL has effects in improving the Career Decision Making Self-Efficacy of women’s university students in terms of confidence in the ability to collect career information, awareness of career objectives, belief in planning & doing and self-assessment for choosing suitable careers for themselves. This study suggests that more problem-based learning curricula need to apply PBL to future information technology related curricula to help students make their own career decisions.

  • The Reading Brain in the Digital Age: Navigating Texts in Paper versus Screen
    Ma. Christina A. Gallaza, Leyte Normal University, Philippines

    The use of electronic books continues to expand as eBooks are increasingly adapted by academic communities. Major publishers, such as McGraw-Hill, Pearson, and John Wiley & Sons, are working with colleges and universities to expand eBook adoption (Acker, 2011). With the increased use of mobile devices in the K to 12 setting, the 2011 Horizon Report projected a one year or less time frame for school systems to begin the widespread use of eBooks ( Smith,,2011). As eBooks are increasingly adopted in the K to 12 setting, it is necessary to consider their effect on academic performance. Reading comprehension is a foundation skill, with instruction beginning in kindergarten and continuing throughout the educational process (Pardo, 2004). There is a direct link connecting level of comprehension to the transaction between the reader and text (Kucer, 2011).